In loving memory of Irene-Alexandra Konstantinidis.

The collected amount will be allocated to cover the special transfers with the ambulances

€5,195 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €3,000

Urgent medical needs

40.000€ for the urgent medical needs of children suffering from a serious illness

€40,630 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €40,000

Summer Vacation Transfers

300€ for Summer Vacation Transfers

2 Transfers (€600)
2 supporters

Summer Ice Cream

10€ for Summer Ice Cream

42 Ice Cream (€420)
23 supporters

Summer Toys & Sunscreen at the beach

25€ for Summer Toys & Sunscreen at the beach

16 Summer Toys & Sunscreen (€400)
8 supporters

Traditional dinner for 25 Children

300€ for the resurrection dinner for the 25 children in one of our Homes

15 traditional dinners (€4,500)
15 supporters

Easter meal for a family

150€ for Easter meal for a family

26 easter meals (€3,900)
17 supporters

Festive Easter for every child

50€ for Easter Candle, Chocolate Egg and a pair of Shoes for every child

112 Easter Candles, Chocolate Eggs and a pairs of Shoes (€5,600)
79 supporters

Easter for children with serious health problems

20€ for Easter Candle & Chocolate Egg for children with serious health problems treated at home

140 Easter Candles & Chocolate Eggs (€2,800)
89 supporters

Easter Candle for every child in Hospital

10€ for Easter Candle for every hospitalized child

116 easter candles (€1,160)
58 supporters

New Opthalmology Clinic Equipment

By raising 30,000€ we will be able to acquire the Equipment for our new Ophthalmology Clinic

€8,464 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €30,000

Special Health Care

By raising 10,000€ we will be able to offer Special Health Care offered to children in need

€4,322 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €10,000

Holiday season meals

Every 100€ pledged will cover the Christmas meal for a family in need

49 Christmas meals (€4,940)
34 supporters

New Year’s Eve Lucky Pie

Every 50€ pledged will cover the New Year’s Eve Lucky Pie for a family

5 New Year’s Eve Lucky Pies (€250)
5 supporters

Gifts for children

Every 20€ pledged will cover the gifts under the Christmas tree for every child

159 Christmas gifts (€3,180)
70 supporters

Holiday season dinner

Every 10€ pledged will cover the festive Christmas Dinner of a child in our Homes

272 Festive Christmas Dinners (€2,720)
109 supporters

Bright new shiny triangles

5€ - For bright new shiny triangles for children in our Homes ...

11 new shiny triangles (€55)
5 supporters

Purchace of an incubator for the safe transport of our babies

By raising 70,000€ we will be able to transport a premature baby safely and without any risk to its life.

€5,246 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €70,000

Our Day Care Home in Vrochitsa, Ilia: Purchase of a bus

By raising 30,000€ we will ensure safe transportation for our children and of course their most carefree smile!

€407 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €30,000