Personalized care for a child on the autism spectrum


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Our Maria was only 6 months old when we first realized that she seemed different from the other children of her age.  She did not react to stimuli, did not try to maintain eye contact, did not smile and kept repeating the same movements.  Soon our concerns were confirmed that Maria was on the autism spectrum and severely mentally retarded, a diagnosis that prevented her from having a foster family.

But for the last 16 years, Maria has found her family in the face of the teachers of our home, and her siblings in the faces of the other children who, despite her difficulties, have embraced her and taken care of her from the very first moment.  For our Maria we changed the structure of our home; a special educator took over her daily care, we created perfectly safe spaces that would protect her from falls, we searched and secured for her to have the best programs based on her needs.   Alternating occupational therapy, physical therapy, swimming and equine therapy were introduced into her life and our lives, and together we strive daily. Against the odds, Maria was able to walk and thanks to the specialized care she receives daily at home from Helen, her special educator, in collaboration with her alternating occupational therapist, Maria was able to communicate her basic needs through cards, and most importantly interact to a satisfactory degree with the other children.

In order to develop her abilities to the fullest and to be able to have the smoothest social interaction possible, Maria needs the daily and exclusive care of Helen, her special educator.

Will you help us secure the amount of €20.000 in order for Helen to be able to offer to our little Maria the personalized care she needs on a daily basis?


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