International commitment


We are fully committed to empowering other countries with our shared vision:  “enriching the lives of children and families to work together and transform the world by empathy and compassion.”  We use our leadership abilities to inspire others to have a positive impact as well.  We, too, have incorporated best practices employed by other countries, government agencies, and other organizations into our vision.  Our goal is for all countries to join the journey of all families and children to well-being, by working together to build a society that nourishes the needy. This mutual sharing forms the basis of the world envisioned above. 

Our organization has fostered cooperation with international agencies, foundations, and government institutions, regionally and nationally, to implement programs that protect missing children, victims of violence, and children distressed by a social-economic or migration concern. We also participate in annual meetings and conferences within the Council of Europe and the OSCE Alliances for combating trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, migration, and child poverty.

Our commitment to engaging in international dialogues for holistic approaches in child services focuses on four categories:  Violence, Migration, Missing, and Child Protection