Since the inception of "The Smile of a Child", the organization has been recognized as an influential leader in providing continual and immediate assistance to children and families in Greece.


We are honored and grateful for being rewarded for our service.  With this respect comes a necessary humility that these awards belong to all those who have contributed and participated in this great effort.  Our greatest reward is the smile we bring to each child’s face. 

As proud recipients of many awards, we would like to share with you the recognition we received for the positive impact we have had in society and children in Greece.

  • Bravo Sustainability Awards

The Smile of a Child received 2 awards for our nationwide actions in the preventive medicine sector, and for the participation of Volunteers in our nationwide projects. At the same time, “The Child’s Smile” received recognition for the services it provides to every child victim of violence.

  • Prefecture of Ilias

The Smile of a Child was recognized for providing immediate psychological and social support to the children and families of Ilias during the devastating fire in the area, and for its assistance in re-building the province.

  • Association of Informatics & Communications Enterprises of Greece (SEPE) Award

Mr. Costas Yannopoulos was recognized for his 20 years support in the digital community in Greece and for the support The Smile of Child provides to SEPE. Mr. Yannopoulos has been in the forefront of technology and pioneered many advancements when he was professionally involved in the technology industry.

  • Superbrands Recognition

The Smile of a Child" was named 1 of the 7 leading NGOs globally by the UK organization Superbrands.Non-profits are judged by the impact they have in society, and by their reliable and consistent efforts in labor relations and environmental initiatives.

  • Community Achievement Award

The community of North College annual award is given to citizens or institutions for inspiring the community by their actions. In 2016, The Smile of a Child and Mr. Yannopoulos was recognized for its consistent contributions.

  • 32nd Journalism Awards

A special honor was awarded to our organization by the Foundation for the Promotion of Journalism Athanasiou V. Botsi for our multifaceted and consistent work in defending the lives and rights of children.

  • PELOPONNISOS newspaper Person of the Year Award

Mr. Yannopoulos was recognized for expanding his organization to support the needs of families and children in Patras, and for developing the Center for Direct Social Intervention for Children in western Greece.

  • Infocom Award

The Smile of a Child received the award for the 1st Mobile Information, Education and Technology Workshop "ODYSSEAS”.We use this program to educate children and parents on the advantages and the perils of using the Internet.

  • Famous Brands Best Reputation Award

"The Smile of a Child" was honored with the Gold Award for beholding the trust of Greece’s population.

  • European Parliament’s European Citizen Award

"The Smile of the Child" received the European Citizen Award in 2014 for its outstanding contribution to the defense of children's rights.

  • The Academy of Athens Award - Nicolaos Karolos

The Smile of the Child was awarded for its outstanding and pan-Hellenic public benefit work in aiding children and their families living in adverse and problematic conditions.

  • WITSA Global IT Excellence Award

The WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards program aims to highlight the most important users of information and communication technologies worldwide.

  • The Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity Award

On the World Volunteer Day, "The Smile of the Child" received the award as the non-governmental organization in 2006 for the excellent services it provides in the field of health and social solidarity.