Our Board of Directors


Costas Yannopoulos - Founder of The Smile of The Child and the organization’s ambassador and leader since the beginning see cv




Konstantinos Kotsilinis - The Organization’s Financial Officer overseeing the financial well-being for The Smile of the Child see cv


General Secretary 

Christos I. Kammilatos - Provides leadership and direction to all medical services and care for The Smile of The Child see cv



Evangelia Malamaki - Dedicated secondary school mathematician and volunteer see cv


Evangelia (Eva) Karpouzopoulou - Approximately 30 years of volunteering as an expert kindergarten teacher at The Smile of the Child see cv



Panagiotis Anastasiadis - Internationally recognized and respected innovator, researcher, professor and author focusing on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) see cv




Vasilios Orfanos Founder of the Thanasis Makris search and rescue group for missing children which is a critical service for the Smile of the Child see cv 

Alternate Member 

Pythagoras Papadimitriou - Offers our organization his technology expertise in the area of networking and multiple hosting systems see cv

Alternate Member Aikaterini Choupi  
Honorary Member 
  Chrysoula Mylona, former Prosecutor for Minors


Honorary Member 

Vasileios Markis, former Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court of Greece




See the Organizational chart of the Administrative Services here.

See the Organizational chart of the Social Welfare here.