Ask the Smile: An action of Information, Awareness and Education through digital technology.

Ask the Smile: An action of information, awareness, and education using digital technology.

"Ask the Smile" constitutes a campaign of information, awareness, and education using digital technology.

"The Smile of the Child" carries out a series of webcasts, called "Ask the Smile" in response to the needs of children, parents, teachers and scientific personnel need for proper information and useful answers and by utilizing new technologies as a basic education and information tool and the experience of the Organization in the area of child protection and advocacy for the rights of children in Greece.

"Ask the Smile" has become an important tool of information,awareness and education among the public interested in the rights of children as well as of interaction with the public. The scientific personnel of the organization "The Smile of the Child" has the opportunity to analyze online important issues related to children in a simple and easy-to-understand way.The public is able to monitor live lectures of the scientific personnel of the Organization via Internet and to interact via questions and comments.

Webcasts are also displayed online for those who missed and wish to watch the sessions.

The main aim of the action "Ask the Smile" is to offer answers to children, parents, teachers and the general public on important as well as simple issues that concern them.

In addition, through this action the staff produces online seminars (webinars) in order to strengthen the public with up to date knowledge and tools in various theme and areas.