Fundraising Department

The fundraising department is staffed by 2 professionals who are taking the main responsibility and workload of the department. In reality each professional is often acting as a volunteer based on his/hers “geographical location” and role trying on a daily basis to ensure in-kind donations, services and monetary donations that will cover the enormous and wide spectrum of needs for children supported by the Organization.

This process is easy, but at the same time very difficult and also very demanding – it is a process that can be considered as an office work, however, it creates different emotions from day to day, inside and outside then office, within and outside a regular work shift.

Above all, the fundraising department reflects the vision of “The Smile of the Child” expressed by a 10-year-old some years ago.

Ways to support us

For companies or firms

  1. Product action

    A very important way to support the work of our Organization is the various product collaborations agreed at times with companies. When this is the case, companies choose to combine one of their products or a whole range of them with the logo and the reputation of the Smile; hence they offer a significant boost –as it has been proved- to their sales and at the same time they support the work of the Organization.
  2. Funding of actions and projects with direct donation

    The financial support of the Organization through the funding of certain needs, actions and projects is vital. Collaborations of that kind vary, depending on the amount of money a company is willing to offer. It may be the purchase of equipment necessary to the organization, the funding of a constructional project, the full or partial coverage of expenses for an action and many more.
  3. Hosting of Money boxes

    The financial support of our actions through the money boxes that are hosted in shops and companies is one of the most basic mechanisms we have in order to secure a steady and direct cash flow for the survival of our organization. Through the money boxes we present to the public the opportunity to offer any amount of money, easily and directly, with the trustworthiness that is demanded and non-negotiable by the modern consumer. At the same time, the company has the opportunity to promote its social profile with this simple, yet costless way.
  4. Hosting of a Bazaar

    Our Christmas, Easter, summer and school bazaars have become an institution and they are something that people eagerly await, since they have the opportunity to combine their seasonal shopping and the active support of the Smile of the Child.
    Those past years, the participation of companies in this sector is vital to our survival. Companies host in their premises the bazaar of our Organization, they urge their employees to support the “Smile” and at the same time to choose for their buys from the big variety of our selected merchandise.
  5. «Enas-mia-ena» project

    The «Enas-mia-ena» project has a double meaning. It is all about the simultaneous participation of both the employees and the CEO’s of a firm. The employees –provided they want to - are invited to give regularly one (1) euro, the least, from their salary. The amount of money depends upon the affordability of each employee. The company can increase the total amount of money collected, to double it for example. Therefore, the employees are urged to offer, since they have an easy way to actively participate in the work of the Organization and at the same time the CEO’s profile is boosted, not only towards society in general but also towards the employees of the company.
  6. Products donation

    Products left from past years in stock, with no commercial value, are important for us, in order to be able to cover everyday needs of our organization.

You represent a sector, an organization, or as an individual

  1. Check the link “Support us” in our website

  2. Earnings from :

    • Concerts
    • Sports events / tournaments
    • Exhibition of paintings, photography
    • Theatrical shows
      In those cases our organization can be involved in the promoting of each event through social media and can also send information material. The organization cannot co-organize or organize an event.
  3. Gathering of products or covering of certain needs.

    The participation of sectors or individuals in order to cover numerous everyday needs of our organization is very important to us. If you want you can check the various needs of our organization in detail here.

Greeks abroad

  1. You may organize an event in order to gather money for children in Greece, motivating Greek communities in your area.

  2. You may gather food (European countries)

  3. Fraternization of Schools, Children Help Children

  4. Covering of our in-kind needs.