• We believe that no family living with domestic violence should feel alone - without a safe harbor - without HOPE!  Our National Line for Children SOS 1056 was created to give families immediate support in a time of crisis. 
  • We also designed and launched multiple helplines for missing children, adults, national amber alerts and a “search and rescue team for missing children”.
  • And, lastly, we are committed to end child poverty by providing community homes, medical intervention, and social support that enables a child to prosper.


Our vision is to enrich the lives of children and families in Greece and to empower other countries with our shared vision - “enriching the lives of children and families to work together and transform the world with empathy and compassion”. 

We believe it is our responsibility as citizens of Greece to ensure that every child has a home and the sustenance to live a healthy life with a SMILE!  We will focus on providing safe communities throughout Greece where children can realize their full potential.  In this way, their lives will be enriched, and in turn bring future social prosperity to all in Greece.



  • Care - to all in need with respect
  • Equality - regardless of nationality or religion
  • Dignity - giving all our families and children pride
  • Love - tenderness, and compassion to the needs of the other
  • Selflessness - always considering the feelings of others
  • Flexibility- adapting to the current needs
  • Innovation - thoughtful planning for better results
  • Respect - no matter the situation or person involved
  • Participation - actively taking part in shared actions
  • Consistency - never wavering on our quality service
  • Cooperation - always working together to reach a successful outcome