Our team of psychologists against Bullying

Your donation can save one more child from the psychological pain

€203 pledged so far
GOAL €60,000

Easter next to children with health problems

20€ for Easter Candle & Chocolate Egg for children with serious health problems treated at home

94 Easter Candles & Chocolate Eggs (€1,880)
39 supporters

Festive Easter for every child

50€ for Easter Candle, Chocolate Egg and a pair of Shoes for every child

37 Easter Candles, Chocolate Eggs and a pairs of Shoes (€1,850)
31 supporters

Memorable Easter Sunday meal!

150€ for Easter meal for a family

12 easter meals (€1,800)
12 supporters

Easter feast dinner

300€ for the resurrection dinner for the 25 children in one of our Homes

3 traditional dinners (€900)
3 supporters

Easter candle for hospitalized children

10€ for Easter Candle for every hospitalized child

69 easter candles (€690)
26 supporters

Need for support in providing single parent families with their monthly dietary needs

Every 150€ pledged will cover the dietary needs of a single parent family for a whole month.

96 supported families (€14,400)
59 supporters

Need for support in providing our children's main meals

Every 50€ pledged ensures the main meal for 5 of our children.

255 main meals (€12,750)
132 supporters

Need for support in providing our children with the necessary vaccinations

Every 30€ pledged ensures the vaccination of a single child.

163 vaccines (€4,890)
59 supporters

Need for support in providing the weekly milk to a three-month-old baby

Every 25€ pledged ensures the 5 to 6 daily meals a baby needs for a week.

300 smiling babies (€7,500)
138 supporters

Need for support in offering our children the joy of toys

Every 20€ pledged ensures a present one child has been dreaming of.

159 toys (€3,180)
68 supporters

Need for support in providing our chidren with their daily breakfast

Every 10€ pledged ensures a day's breakfast for 3 of our children.

433 breakfasts (€4,330)
119 supporters