Through a series of animated stories (comics) that touch on the positive and dangerous aspects of the internet, the psychologist fosters critical thinking and uses a teamwork approach for children to openly express their anxieties and dreams.  Our program adheres to the philosophy of constructivism as a vehicle for children to learn life skills while promoting empathy.


The "Stories from the Internet" program attempts to illuminate all sides of the Internet. Nicolas who used the internet to achieve his academic goals; Tonia who constantly published data on her personal profile; Areti whose friends showed her how much they love her through the internet; and Stefanos who managed to find friends and finally be alone playing an online game. These are the heroes of our stories. We use these stories to empower the children to talk about their experience, which becomes a channel of peer-to-peer advice.


This presentation, by its use of comics, encourages student-teacher interaction resulting in students being able to:


  • recognize the dangers of the Internet
  • recognize the benefits of the Internet
  • assume roles through the stories
  • identify the available resources


For more information, contact the Department of Prevention and Awareness of Children, Parents and Teachers at the email address or on the phone 11040.