Interactive Educational Tool to address bullying

"The Smile of the Child" developed an innovative cross media Interactive educational tool in the framework of "Europe's Anti-bullying Campaign (e-abc)" project and "MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ... SPEAK NOW" campaign.

The tool offers a playing figure through which the viewer has the possibility to intervene in multiple ways in the story's development. The Interactive educational tool maintains this figure and presents two intimidation stories: one of them taking place at school and the other one in an online environment.

The user can select either stories and subsequently select the profile of the child through the perspective of which the user will participate to the story. More speficially, the user can select between the child who bullies, the bullied or the child who observes. Thus, the user watches the story through the "eyes" of the child he/she has selected. Subsequently, via structured options, he/she can select the course of the story and, finally, the end of the story.

The natural character of the environment, the children acting and the stories based on real events, give a strong momentum to the tool and make it particularly attractive to children. The purpose of this tool is:

  • To explain the phenomenon of bullying
  • To awaken the children as to understand the emotional state of children involved in bullying
  • To present practical and feasible solutions

This educational tool is accompanied by a respective manual for teachers. At the same time, apart from the abovementioned goals, it gives also the opportunity for further discussion in the classroom.