Interactive Educational Tool to address bullying

This educational multi-media and interactive program guides the user to manipulate the outcome of a bullying story.  We present two scenarios to enact the bullying effects in school and online. The user selects which role he or she wishes to use to interact with the program - the bully, the bullied or the observer of a bullying incident. By doing so, they are watching the incident from the eyes of the chosen role, and are given the ability to interactively change the story and the outcome of the incident.

We developed this tool to engage a child in understanding the emotional and psychological effects children experience in bullying incidents, and to give these children guidance on how to change the outcome. The program comes with a teacher’s manual to continue discussions in the classroom.


"The Smile of the Child" developed this application using the framework of "Europe's Anti-bullying Campaign (e-abc)" project and "MAKE THE DIFFERENCE ... SPEAK NOW" campaign