"The Smile of the Child" responds daily to the innumerable and multifaceted needs of thousands of children. We are able to cover many of those needs thanks to your participation and that of our fellow citizens and businesses.

Make your valuable donation simply and securely to support a crowdfunding project of your choice. Below you will find causes (the big projects), but also the equally important smaller needs of our children. Act now! #SaveOurSmile

Our Day Care Home in Vrochitsa, Ilia: Purchase of a bus

By raising 30,000€ we will ensure safe transportation for our children and of course their most carefree smile!

€407 pledged so far
GOAL €30,000

Need for support in providing single parent families with their monthly dietary needs

Every 150€ pledged will cover the dietary needs of a single parent family for a whole month.

2 supported families (€300)
2 supporters

Need for support in providing our children's main meals

Every 50€ pledged ensures the main meal for 5 of our children.

45 main meals (€2,250)
23 supporters

Need for support in providing our children with the necessary vaccinations

Every 30€ pledged ensures the vaccination of a single child.

17 vaccines (€510)
12 supporters

Need for support in providing the weekly milk to a three-month-old baby

Every 25€ pledged ensures the 5 to 6 daily meals a baby needs for a week.

35 smiling babies (€875)
28 supporters

Need for support in offering our children the joy of toys

Every 20€ pledged ensures a present one child has been dreaming of.

18 toys (€360)
13 supporters