There are so many things about the festive season we love! As the saying goes “Christmas is not as much about opening our presents, as opening our hearts.”  Let’s find the joy of Christmas in co-creating the Christmas Magic for children in need!

Urgent medical needs

40.000€ for the urgent medical needs of children suffering from a serious illness

€8,650 pledged so far
GOAL €40,000

Summer Vacation Transfers

300€ for Summer Vacation Transfers

1 Transfers (€300)
1 supporters

Summer Ice Cream

10€ for Summer Ice Cream

41 Ice Cream (€410)
22 supporters

Summer Toys & Sunscreen at the beach

25€ for Summer Toys & Sunscreen at the beach

14 Summer Toys & Sunscreen (€350)
7 supporters

Back to School - Bag & Supplies

50€ for Bag & Supplies

10 Bag & Supplies (€500)
7 supporters

Children in Hospitals

Every 200€ pledged will cover the special need of child in hospital

30 special needs (€6,000)
22 supporters