There are so many things about the festive season we love! As the saying goes “Christmas is not as much about opening our presents, as opening our hearts.”  Let’s find the joy of Christmas in co-creating the Christmas Magic for children in need!

Medical equipment for Christos

34.000 for medcial equipment for Christos

€24,000 pledged so far
GOAL €34,000

Standing by the children of war

50.000€ for the children of the war

€14,907 pledged so far
GOAL €50,000

Need for support in providing single parent families with their monthly dietary needs

Every 150€ pledged will cover the dietary needs of a single parent family for a whole month.

76 supported families (€11,400)
46 supporters

Need for support in providing our children's main meals

Every 50€ pledged ensures the main meal for 5 of our children.

208 main meals (€10,400)
108 supporters

Need for support in providing our children with the necessary vaccinations

Every 30€ pledged ensures the vaccination of a single child.

96 vaccines (€2,880)
52 supporters

Need for support in providing the weekly milk to a three-month-old baby

Every 25€ pledged ensures the 5 to 6 daily meals a baby needs for a week.

246 smiling babies (€6,150)
118 supporters