The volunteers are the cornerstone of the Organization "The Smile of the Child" as they offer their valuable support and contribute essentially to the realization of our work. Our volunteers are engaged in all our actions nationwide and cover basic needs based upon their specialty and training in specific actions of the Organization.

"The Smile of the Child" provides care and guidance to the volunteers that participate in the actions of the Organization. Workgroups of social workers and psychologists are carried out on a monthly basis. At the same time, our main task is to provide an ethical reward to our volunteers for their contribution.

The “profile” of our volunteers

The volunteers of the Organization are ranging from 16 to 76 years-old, they have strong willingness to offer and contribute to a common cause. The majority of our volunteers are usually graduates of higher education, females, with education or experience in teaching. Of course, as it happens within any family, our Organization embraces people of all different backgrounds to harmoniously integrate into our volunteer force.

The process of becoming a volunteer

  • Personal interview
  • Questionnaire
  • Attendance of training group meetings (training cycles)
  • Fill in the Code of Conduct
  • Submission of the necessary documents (health documents, criminal record, identity)
  • Placement in the voluntary action

During the voluntary work it is provided:

  • Supervision
  • Evaluation

Forms of Volunteerism

  • Individual Volunteerism
  • Collective volunteerism / Corporate Volunteerism

In the framework of social corporate responsibility, corporate volunteerism has created a channel of communication and social contribution between the Organization “The Smile of the Child” and several companies, which prove that they recognize their responsibility towards society. Through our experience we see that the relationship of a corporate voluntary activity is transformed into a strong friendship with benefits for both sides.

  • Regular – Urgent activity

Fields of Volunteerism

Care to Children at Hospitals

In Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras Children’s Hospitals there are many hospitalized children who have been taken away from their family upon the order of the Public Prosecutor and they stay at the hospital until a proper shelter is found and the necessary medical examinations are completed. Our volunteers are next to these children by providing support and care, as well as by giving them the “hug” they miss as long as they are there.

Recreational Activities at Children’s Hospitals

“The Smile of the Child” carries out recreational activities at Children’s Hospitals, as well as at the paediatric clinics in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. The aim is to inspire hospitalized children that fight for their life. Volunteers with full of power and fun give a lot of smiles to the children in need.

Support Centers for Children and Families

The support of volunteers is crucial for the collection and management of commodities and food at these centers. The items cover the needs of the Homes for Children run by the Organization, as well as of the families with welfare problems that are supported by "The Smile of the Child" .

Creative Volunteer Workshop

By utilizing the valuable contribution of the volunteers we have created the Creative Volunteer Workshop where apart from a rich collection of wedding favors and baptism invitations, handmade crafts are set for sale at the Organization’s bazaars.

Bazaars / Exhibitions

“The Smile of the Child” organizes bazaars throughout the year and participates to events and exhibitions which aim to financially support the Organization and inform people about the work and the activities of the Organization. Of course, the volunteers’ presence is considered to be more than necessary.

Administrative / Secretarial support

Volunteers are contributing to administrative tasks in the premises of the Organization.

The Homes

The Homes for Children of the Organization are the last stop of a volunteer. There, the volunteers take care for the House and most importantly for our children!

Volunteer Work as per professional activity

The input of people who want to offer, according to their professional activity, is really important. All professionals from any field and specialty are valuable to "The Smile of the Child" (doctors, plumbers, electricians, teachers and everyone willing to offer.


Students who are willing to volunteer can participate to YouSmile.gr. YouSmile is the European Student Volunteer Network, an initiative that started in 2012 from “The Smile of the Child”. The main goal of this effort is to give an opportunity of volunteering participation to teenagers and the youth through awareness raising events and mobilization on issues related to the rights of the child. YouSmile volunteers are the best ambassadors of the Organization in its effort to inform on the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 and promote children’s rights. For more information on YouSmile visit the website at www.yousmile.gr