The role of technology for the Organization is extremely important to the implementation of its actions for children.

The sector of technology businesses in Greece has embraced "The Smile of the Child" setting at the disposal of the Organization and, thus, of every child in Greece free-of- charge services and products.

In 2007, a group of technology executives developed on a voluntary basis the “Technology Team for Children”.

The main aim of this team is to empower and support the services provided by "The Smile of the Child".

From 2007 and up-to-date "The Smile of the Child" with the valuable contribution of the technology business sector provides the following equipment for the benefit of children:

  • High tech phone centers
  • Innovative IP telephony system of dual high availability
  • Customized CRM platform
  • Data interface
  • Internal and external voice communication
  • Internal and external video communication
  • Modern communication methods (social networking, chat, etc.)
  • Solid network system
  • High Availability Information Systems
  • Reliable IT services
  • Security systems of electronic data
  • Reliable telecommunications services (data, voice, Internet)
  • Infrastructure compatible with international standards
  • 2 ISDN PRI circuits for free calls reception
  • 1056 & 116000 & 116111 special emergency numbers
  • High speed IP MPLS circuits through optical fiber
  • Fully automated Amber Alert activation system, sending information material to all interested parties involved
  • The European Child Alert Automated System (ECAAS)
  • e-ppokrates system through which, an electronic medical record is created for each child undertaking medical exams in the framework of the Preventive Medicine actions of the Organization
  • Telemedicine services
  • IT project management system through the integrated SoftoneERP platform adapted from Fairynetwork company to the needs of the Organization