Andreas, like all children, had dreams, wishes and desires that he hoped he would fulfill in his lifetime.  Andreas passed away at the age of ten after battling cancer from the age of nine.  His dreams, however, did not dissipate with his passing.  Instead, they became the Vision for The Smile of a Child. 

Prior to his passing, Andreas was featured on the TV program “Red Card” produced by Antenna TV Channel.  Here, he shared his vision with both domestic and international audiences: “to imagine a world where all children live with dignity, hope, love and most importantly, a smile on their face.”  He captured the hearts of all his audience and from there “the vision of Andreas” as stated by the Antenna host, became the vision of The Smile of a Child organization.

Andreas kept a diary.  And, in this diary, he asked his father to help all children live a healthy and happy life. His wishes and dreams came true and live on at The Smile of a Child.  His encouragement is what inspires our organization to reach more children and families in need.