Need for support in providing our chidren with their daily breakfast

480 breakfasts × €10

126 supporters

A proper healthy breakfast is what every child needs before going to school. Milk, cereals, fresh fruits, handmade cookies, a sandwich are only some of the meals we prepare on a daily basis for the 300 children in our 11 homes nationwide.

With your contribution of €10 you secure the breakfast of 3 children in our Homes and their morning smile!


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Christmas sweets

15€ φορ Christmas sweets for every child

23 γλυκά (€345)
11 supporters

Christmas in chidren's hospitals

100€ το become Santa Claus for every hospitalized child

15 chsristmas parties (€1,500)
13 supporters

A gift for every child

€30 to secure a gift for a chld in need

40 δώρα (€1,200)
24 supporters