Need for support in offering our children the joy of toys

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One of the greatest joys in life is to observe a child finally getting and unwrapping the gift that has been its object of desire; a gift it has wished for its birthday, a celebration, or even as a reward for an accomplishment. A superhero, a doll with lots of dresses, a supersonic train, a MP4, the most perfect headphones and so many more that every child desires.

With your contribution of 20€ you will secure a child the gift he dreams of and ... his enthusiastic smile!


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Purchace of an incubator for the safe transport of our babies

By raising 70,000€ we will be able to transport a premature baby safely and without any risk to its life.

€3,054 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €70,000

Our Day Care Home in Vrochitsa, Ilia: Purchase of a bus

By raising 30,000€ we will ensure safe transportation for our children and of course their most carefree smile!

€407 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €30,000

Need for support in providing single parent families with their monthly dietary needs

Every 150€ pledged will cover the dietary needs of a single parent family for a whole month.

8 supported families (€1,200)
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