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As we write this statement, 1 in 3 children* across Greece is being bullied.  This phenomenon persists in schools and has now extended to include Internet users.  We are risking the psychological well being of our children to this phenomenon. Further, parents and teachers have not been educated on how to support a child in this predicament. 


Our approach is:

1)  Tackle this problem by providing 13 clinical specialists to provide preventive education for students, parents, and teachers to manage these incidents throughout Greece**.

2)  Use our integrated service network to provide our “Smile” psychologists  with a holistic approach to manage every incident in the school community.

3)  Capitalize on “Smile’s” 27 years of experience to bring guidance to every school and help them abolish school bullying and violence.

 We are dedicated to ending bullying. Your donation can save one more child from the psychological pain resulting from bullying by supporting our 13 specialists to continue these needed services. 


* Nationwide survey on Bullying (2023) (click here)

** 174% increase since last year in prevention Interventions for School Violence and Bullying to 22,340 students & 3,467 teachers and 1,848 parents


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