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A very rare genetic syndrome keeps the 4-year-old Maximus away from every activity enjoyed by children of his age. He cannot walk or run, and the neurological difficulties that accompany his condition prevent him from reacting to any stimulation. However, Maximos is fully conscious and this affects his emotional state even more.

The first goal has been achieved and Maximos has returned to his childhood room next to his parents and his brother. The Pediatric Home Care team of our Organization and our Mobile Medical Units with our experienced rescuers which are in complete cooperation with his treating doctors from the Paidon hospital, have already joined forces to improve his daily life.

Will you help our little fighter reach his next goal? Will you help us secure the amount of € 20,000 so that he can, for the first time, enjoy the sea, the animals and anything else he desires? Will you help us secure the medical supplies he needs every day, his wheelchair, as well as specialized medical machines which will improve his daily life?


*The child's name has been changed and the photo is not of the child in order to protect his sensitive personal data


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