Floods in Thessaly


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Our mission is to be the supportive arm to the young and old in Thessaly who have been affected by the floods. Our response is immediate - using our Hippokratis Mobile Polyclinic, ambulances, and other large vehicles and equipment to assist in the extraction and medical/social needs of this populace.


Our team consists of “Smile” doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists, and trained rescue workers to provide:

• medical care, advice, nursing and operational directives

• creative activities for the children

• psychological and social support for children and adults

• distribution of goods to these families

• transfers of newborns, children and adults to safety and clinics

• home visits to families with logistic and mobility difficulties

• technical works such as water extraction


We have been operating a Center for Direct Social and Medical Intervention in Larissa since 2014. We are using this as the headquarters to add an Emergency Center for holistic support and care in the Municipality of Palamas, Karditsa. We will continue to operate these activities under the cooperation of the relevant government agencies: Ministry of Health, E.K.A.B., Fire Brigade, Region, Municipalities, Health Region, Hospitals, Health Centers, Medical Associations, etc. This cooperation allows us to efficiently manage the needs of all affected and maintain flexibility to diversify our services as needs arise.


You can donate through our crowdfunding platform, or a bank deposit

(ALPHA BANK - IBAN GR0301401440144002101046682 – BENEFICIARY THE CHILD'S SMILE). If you request a donation receipt please call 11040 or email us at


As stated above our mission is to always be the support arm for emergencies like that in Thessaly and to all children in Greece.


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