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The Outdoors Club of Mastercard Athens is teaming up with “The Smile of The Child” for a three-day fundraising and hiking event on Mt. Olympus. Colleagues from Mastercard offices globally will climb Mount Olympus between 28-30th of August, reaching the peak, to raise awareness and funds for “The Smile of The Child”. 

Andreas, founder of the “The Smile of The Child”, on 9th November 1995, writing in his diary while fighting his own battle, had expressed his wish to create an association to bring a smile to all children, stating: 

"We all know, we all talk about some kids on the streets who lack a smile. They lack a smile because they have no money, no toys, no food and some don't even have parents. So, let’s think and stop talking; let's join forces and give what we can to the poor, the white and black children. They are all children and they all deserve a smile. This association will be called The Smile of The Child. So, come and help us! If we all unite, we will succeed."

“The Smile of The Child” has supported for 27 years more than 1.900.000 children and their families nationwide, regardless of nationality and religion.

Children victims of all forms of violence, victims of disappearance, suffering health problems, who are threatened or leave below the poverty threshold, have found support.

The Organization is staffed by specialized scientific personnel, has the precious support of volunteers, and relies on citizens and companies that actively provide their support in practice through donations and sponsorships. 

The financial data of the Organization is publicized on an annual basis and is audited by International Body of Auditors of Ernst and Young. 

Let us unite in this worthy cause and help bring a smile to the faces of children in need. 


The Organization does not bear any responsibility for any content outside the official site or any beneficiary activity organized by third parties on their own initiative.

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Children with health problems need us

With €20,000, we will be able to provide medical assistance to children across Greece.

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GOAL €20,000

Φροντίδα για 15 παιδιά

Με 11.200€ εξασφαλίζουμε κοινωνικό λειτουργό για 6 μήνες

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Merry christmas to every child

Let's make the wish come true

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