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At the Smile of A Child home you will find many older children raised by the organization, such as Maria, Petros, Nafsika, Cemil & Marios.  Without the clinical support and loving care these children received from our staff, they would have not overcome the fears that resulted from abuse, neglect, abandonment or even war. 

We have guided these children to believe in a better and brighter future full of opportunities and happiness.  With your donations these children can continue to further their studies to become the leaders of their generation and make us all proud. 


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Children with health problems need us

With €20,000, we will be able to provide medical assistance to children across Greece.

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Φροντίδα για 15 παιδιά

Με 11.200€ εξασφαλίζουμε κοινωνικό λειτουργό για 6 μήνες

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Merry christmas to every child

Let's make the wish come true

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