3rd meeting of #HITproject on tackling racism, xenophobia and discrimination against migrants in Rome

11 September 2019

The 3rd meeting of the project “Hate Interrupter Teams: Youth counteracting hate speech towards migrants and minorities through participatory and creative campaigning” was held in Barcelona on the 26th and 27th of September. The project is funded by the European Program “Rights, Equality and Citizenship”.


Members of the scientific personnel of “The Smile of the Child” as well as representatives of the organizations of HFC Hope For Children CRC Policy Center (Cyprus – Leading Partner), Rinova Limited (United Kingdom), Associazione Culturale Mulab (Italy), Associacio Per A La Creacio I Estudis De Projectes Socials C.E.P.S. (Spain) who hosted the meeting, Collage Arts (United Kingdom), Frederick University (Cyprus), Metropolisnet-European Metropolis Employment Network Ewiv (Germany) and Gender Alternatives Foundation (Bulgaria) took part in the meeting.


The project’s duration is 24 months and aims at developing a new model of European youth empowerment to tackle racism, xenophobia, discrimination and hate speech and behaviour towards migrants.
During the meeting, the project team reviewed all the activities of the project and the deliverables that have been completed during the first year of the project. They discussed about the implementation of the focus groups of Stakeholder Boards in the partner countries and the ‘Hate Interrupter Teams’ (HITs) training οn Human Rights and Hate Speech and Behaviour in each partner country.


Partners also discussed about the design and implementation of seminar οn Human Rights and Hate Speech and Behaviour, addressing to stakeholders and opinion formers and about the implementation of the collaborative workshops of the ‘Hate Interrupter Teams’ (HITs), task groups of young people (14 to 19 years old), with youth workers, mentors and guidance practitioners, so as to create an awareness raising campaign with 5 digital media based products per partner country, aiming at combatting hate speech and behaviour.


Moreover it was presented the HIT online interactive app and they were discussed all the necessary information and details regarding the online app and the Online Human Library.


Quality, administrative and financial management details regarding the Management and coordination of the project were also discussed, as well as dissemination and sustainability issues. In addition, the project management team set the next steps of project’s implementation.
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You may also find more information in the project’s website http://hitproject.eu/


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