SAWA from Palestine to "The Smile of the Child"

08 April 2024

In the framework of the cooperation between the Helplines of SAWA and "The Smile of the Child", we had the pleasure to welcome the Director of SAWA from Palestine, Ms. Ohaila Shomar, and the Head of their Helpline, Mr. Jalal Khader, at the Panhellenic Coordinating Operational Center for Direct Social & Medical Intervention "Andreas Giannopoulos" of "The Smile of the Child".

Following their communication, SAWA’s representatives visited the Organization once again, giving the opportunity for a constructive meeting and discussion regarding issues concerning both the situation in Palestine -calls they receive and called upon to manage, the particular challenges they have been facing during the war over the past six months, , etc.- the existing cooperation regarding the cases of refugee and migrant children in Greece, as well as ways to further explore collaboration between SAWA and the "Smile" in the field of missing children.

SAWA, a non-governmental organization founded in 1998, working to eliminate all forms of violence against women and children, is an international partner of the Greek organization and a member of "Child Helpline International Foundation" (CHI), based in Amsterdam, in which "The Smile of the Child" also participates in, as a member from Greece.

They spoke in a very enthusiastic way about the Operational Center, the Help/hotlines of the Organization, the available technology and the love and acceptance of the public for the work that "Smile" does, stating that they feel proud to be our partners. From our side, we too expressed how happy we are with our long-standing cooperation, as well as our solidarity and our support for them to carry on with their difficult work.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this visit, for your honoring words and for your excellent collaboration, which gives us strength to continue...