Support Center for Children and Families

2 Stoudiou & Gkliati 2, Marousi, 15126

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In July 2008 «The Smile of the Child» in cooperation with the Municipality of Amarousion inaugurated the Support Center for Families and Children. The area is covering a surface of 468, 59 square meters to ensure the needs of children and families. It has the proper material and technical equipment for the storage, maintenance and delivery of goods that are exclusively collected from sponsorships coming from companies and private donations.

This area is the national coordinating center of this action, was granted to «The Smile of the Child» from the Municipality of Amarousion and is staffed by (2) social workers and (1) psychologist and (1) warehouse personnel.

This action provides:

  • Monthly material support to children and families with food, clothing, shoes, toys, school items etc.
  • Social support to families (coverage of educational needs of children, interconnection with other actors and organizations etc.)
  • Counseling-psychological support to families on a personal and family level (school issues, problems in the family relationships, peer relationships, loss of a loved person, welfare problems and behavioral problems)
  • Coverage of the material needs of the Homes of the Organization.