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Our sweet "Marina" is only 2 years old, and she first came with her mother to the Support Center this fall. She did not walk, and was excessively thin for her age. Her mother explained that the child suffers from a type of dysfunction of her cardiac valves. The family could not afford the operation, and the mother was afraid to take the risk of a difficult surgery on her daughter. In addition to the monthly support that we arranged for them, we immediately made an appointment with our doctors and took care of all the details for the operation without burdening the family. We make sure to cover as many needs of the family as possible through our Support Center; food supplies, furniture for the child’s room, clothes, shoes and toys.

Would you help us continue to serve holistically families who reach out for help to our Support Centers? They usually appeal only for monthly food supply, but  after a while when we manage to build a relationship of trust with the family, other needs come to light that they are hesitant to address! For these families we need to secure Christmas support with essentials and goodies for the holidays. We need to raise the amount of €50,000 for items that we have not been able to cover through sponsorships.



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'Εξι παιδιά σε χρειάζονται

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Children with health problems need us

With €20,000, we will be able to provide medical assistance to children across Greece.

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