Children in Hospitals

21 special needs × €200

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While most kids make plans to help their mother bake cookies or to invite other children to play during the weekend, children in hospitals can only hope for getting better and dream of the day they will get back home. This is a reminder to us to be grateful for our good health, especially now, and to be mindful of each and every minute we spend with our children and our beloved ones; there are children who are fighting an unequal battle for their lives. While kids can’t say “no” to taking medicine or taking treatment, they will never say no to a surprise, that you may help us prepare for them!

Would be willing to help us create the best holiday surprise for hospitalized children to make them feel at home?


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Traditional dinner for 25 Children

300€ for the resurrection dinner for the 25 children in one of our Homes

5 traditional dinners (€1,500)
5 supporters

Easter meal for a family

150€ for Easter meal for a family

8 easter meals (€1,200)
8 supporters

Festive Easter for every child

50€ for Easter Candle, Chocolate Egg and a pair of Shoes for every child

43 Easter Candles, Chocolate Eggs and a pairs of Shoes (€2,150)
33 supporters