Standing by the children of war


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The war that has broken out in Ukraine has undeniably devastating consequences for millions of our fellow human beings. The Greeks as a whole have once again proven our solidarity as we did not remain indifferent to the despair experienced by a child and his family.

Thus, "The Smile of the Child" as part of the Greek society has adapted its actions according to the needs of both children and families of Ukraine, embracing their every need in terms of housing, medical care, social, psychological and material support.

Will you help us meet the needs of the 75 children and their families who have already addressed our Organization? Will you help us secure the amount of 50.000 to offer them a better future and to ensure that their daily lives will not be disrupted until they return safely to their homes?


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Merry christmas to every child

Let's make the wish come true

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Heating for our homes

87.000€ heating cost for our homes

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Floods in Thessaly

Help us to support all in need

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