"The Smile of the Child" associate member of the Victim Support Europe (VSE) network

02 August 2023

"The Smile of the Child" has the honor to be the first Greek Organization, member of the Victim Support Europe network.

The Victim Support Europe (VSE) –it is based in Brussels and has 78 members from 36 countries, including the USA, Middle East, Asia and recently New Zealand– supports organizations in the European Union and Worldwide working in the field of services for victims of crime. It operates a referral system as a way of to coordinate victims and the national support services, and has a role as an advocacy organization. Aims at raising awareness of the needs of victims of crime.

Among its actions, is the recent coordination of the European Centre of Expertise on Victims of Terrorism, but also the Training Academies, and Members' Hubs where members exchange practices.

The VSE membership provides the Organizations with unparalleled access to both their in-house expertise and to other network members, as well as to the EU institutions and the international organizations with whom it collaborates, whose representatives regularly speak at their events.

"The Smile of the Child", as part of its consistent support and defense of the rights of vulnerable children and families and in collaboration with all the organizations that are part of the growing network of Victim Support Europe, will continue to support victims of crime: regardless of the crime and regardless of who the victim is.

More: https://victim-support.eu/news/vse-welcomes-first-greek-member-the-smile-of-the-child/?fbclid=IwAR3wiSIhH6anDq9H_DS_seXUupMqYQMrXwWR65OWdkQLbEYVlvvZkMzAkMU