"The Smile of the Child" at the Victim Support Europe Annual Conference in Zagreb

24 May 2024

At the Victim Support Europe annual conference, "The Bridge over troubled water, celebrating & strengthening victim support", Valeria Linardou, Social Worker, participated representing the Organization "The Smile of the Child".

The hybrid conference took place on 22-23 May in Zagreb, Croatia, and aimed at welcoming the victim support community and affiliated professionals from around the world to discuss about supporting victims of all forms of violence.

As of 2023, "The Smile of the Child" is an associate member of Victim Support Europe and so it actively participated for the first time in the members meeting the day before, on May 21st.  During this meeting, the forms of support that "The Smile of the Child" provides to child victims of all forms of violence and to women-mothers survivors of domestic violence, as well as all our actions, were presented so that all VSE members could be informed about its work and gain a more complete understanding during this "first acquaintance".

At the conference, the objectives for the better support for victims, the difficulties, the rights of victims, the need for continuous improvement of services and the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing between all specialized actors were thoroughly discussed.