Launch of 6 rounds of Training Seminars: ‘The Trauma of removal & out of home placement of Children & best trauma-informed practices & approaches’

27 December 2021

Launch of 6 rounds of Training Seminars: ‘The Trauma of removal & out of home placement of Children & best trauma-informed practices & approaches’ by the ‘Smile Academy of Education & Training’ of The Smile of the Child.


‘Smile Academy of Education & Training’ of The Smile of the Child announces the launch of 6 rounds of  2days Training Seminars aiming at educate representatives (first responders) of institutions and authorities involved in investigation process, removal & out-of-home placement, about effective trauma-specific practices and increase the capacity building of first responders on trauma-informed practices and responses to ACEs.
The 2days Training Seminars are addressed to professionals working in Social Services of Hospitals & Municipal authorities, in Police,  Prosecution and Law enforcement Authorities, to professionals working in organizations of social welfare & child protection and to child helplines operators.


The aim of the training is to improve the skills of professionals  contributing to better detection, identification & response to ACEs , to reduction of the trauma of children victims of CAN during investigation, removal & out-of-home placement in CAN cases , with the presentation of a European set of trauma-informed approaches and tools that help to better detect, identify and address the traumatic experiences that children may experience during the process of investigation, removal and out-of-home placement of children victims of CAN while enhancing cooperation between public authorities and agencies.


For more complete geographical coverage, the 2days Training Seminars will be implemented in a hybrid way,  those interested can participate either in person or online. The Seminars are interactive and require the active participation of the trainees. The interactive nature of the seminars imposes a limit on the number of participants in person and consequently priority order will be applied and compliance with all required measures against the spread of the Covid-19 virus.


For PARTICIPATION please fill HERE the relevant Application Form.

For more information about the 2days Training Seminars , you can find  HERE.

Dates of implementations of 2days Training Seminars:  
Date: 10/01 & 11/01, Time: 09:00–15.00
Date: 18/01 & 19/01, Time: 09:00–15.00
Date: 24/01 & 25/01, Time: 09:00–15.00
Date: 01/02 & 02/02, Time: 09:00–15.00
Date: 15/02 & 16/02, Time: 09:00–15.00
Date: 01/03 & 02/03, Time: 09:00–15.00

The 2 days Training Seminars are held in the framework of the implementation of the European project entitled “CARE-Leaving with Care,Living with Care”.


‘CARE’ project is implemented in transnational level and specifically in 4 countries (Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Croatia) , with 24 months duration and is co-funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). “The Smile of the Child” is project’s Coordinator as well as project’s partners are :  i. “SOS IL TELEFONO AZZURRO ONLUS” association from Italy,  ii. the organization “HOPE FOR CHILDREN” from Cyprus and iii. the organization “BRAVE PHONE”  from Croatia.


‘CARE’ project focuses on what is the trauma that children may experience during the processes of investigation, removal & out-of-home placement & what can first responders (social workers, police officers, medical practitioners, helpline operators etc) and those who interact with children during this time do to reduce the trauma they may experience during these processes.


For more information about  ‘CARE’ project you can find in project’s website: