21 August 2019


Athens, 21 August 2019




On Monday, the 19th of August 2019, at 19:30 Gangzheng Zhu, 13 years old, went missing, from Palaio Faliro, in Athens. He is Chinese. Gangzheng Zhu, is 1.65 cm tall, has normal weigh, has short black hair and black eyes. Gangzheng Zhu only speaks Chinese and may not be able to communicate and ask for help. The "Smile of the Child" was informed today, 21/08/2019, of his disappearance and activated the National Coordinating Programme of timely and accurate notification of citizens on cases of missing /abducted minors, "Amber Alert Hellas".  Amber Alert Hellas was activated following Public Prosecutor’s order.


Anyone who has any information should contact the Organization “The Smile of the Child”, 24 hours a day, at the European Hotline for Missing Children 116 000 or the telephone number +30 210 76 09 550 if calling from abroad, as well as any Police Station across the country.


Please publish this Press Release. Gangzheng Zhu, we will inform you with a new Press Release requesting the removal of the missing child’s poster and related information.


The activation of the Amber Alert Hellas is based on the provision of quick, accurate and detailed information to citizens about a case of a missing child only few minutes following the reporting of the case to the Police or “The Smile of the Child”. A number of actors (public, private, voluntary) are involved to achieve the immediate initiation of an Amber Alert with the goal to communicate the details of the missing child and other basic information through the mass media (TV channels and radio spots) and social media channels (Facebook posts), SMS, announcements on airports’ monitors, etc.


“The Smile of the Child”, in the framework of its international partnerships, has the know-how to handle with professionalism and expertise the cases of missing children. Learn more on the international partnerships of the Organization here.


Learn more on Amber Alert Hellas: http://www.hamogelo.gr/gr/el/eksafanismena-paidia:ambert-alert-hellas/


For more information, please contact:
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
European Hotline for Missing Children 116 000
Email: 116000@hamogelo.gr