Center of Direct Social Intervention in Chania

39 Margouniou Str., Chania, 73136

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«The Smile of the Child» has physical presence in Chania.

The Center of Direct Social Intervention (CDSI) based in Chania and under the coordination of the National CDSI provides the following services:

  • Support to children with welfare problems
  • Support to children with health problems
  • Information to students, parents and teachers
  • Receiving reports on child abuse cases
  • On-site interventions for children at risk
  • Psychological support to children and families

CDSI’s dispose the full spectrum of actions of «The Smile of the Child» implemented nationwide:

  • Ambulances (specialized Mobile Units) for newborns and children
  • Mobile Units of Preventive Medicine and Dentistry
  • Mobile Lab of Information, Education and Technology «Odysseas»
  • National Helpline for Children SOS 1056
  • European Hotline for Missing and Exploited Children 116000
  • Amber Alert Hellas

At the same time, a Volunteers Department and a Volunteer Creative Workshop operate in the city of Chania.