«ODYSSEAS», the first Mobile Lab of Education, Technology, and Information

«The Smile of the Child» created «Odysseas», the first Mobile Lab of Education, Technology and Information, in order to:

  • have a physical presence throughout Greece
  • be next to each child, parent, teacher, aware citizen
  • ensure the provision all of its services, with emphasis on prevention

The main idea was:

  • to install a mobile version of the “Smile” with unlimited technological possibilities.
  • to communicate with the children in their own "language", the language of technology
  • to follow the new trend that makes technology an essential education "tool"

«ODYSSEAS» became a reality thanks to the significant and valuable contribution of some of the largest companies of our country. The telecommunications industry, among other, joined forces!

The main objectives of the Organization are:

  • informing students, parents and teachers for all that concern them
  • providing social support to those in need
  • the promotion of voluntary blood donation in cooperation with local hospitals / health centers

In terms of technology, «ODYSSEAS» is a unique, for the Greek data, "tool", absolutely safe for any visitor, child or adult, having complete autonomy, being equipped with:

  • Call center
  • Solar alternative energy system
  • Satellite antenna for data transfer
  • 10 cameras inside and outside the vehicle
    (Including 1 robotics)
  • 35 workstations with internet access
  • smart TVs
  • Speakers inside and outside the vehicle
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Smart phones

All abovementioned equipment ensure that:

  • An Interconnection of «ODYSSEAS» Telephone Centre is possible with the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 and the European Hotline for Missing Children 116 000.
  • There is possibility of webstreaming of any vehicle image/audio