Mobile Operational Unit for the search of Missing Children

The Mobile Operational Unit coordinates and directs (with the use of technology), the Research and Rescue Team for Missing Children 'Thanasis Makris' at specific points of Instant Research and Rescue - Intervention.

Coordination takes place via GPS and live wireless real time positioning. The monitors give a picture of the position of each rescuer in the field.

The unit is capable of being used as Coordination Centre in collaboration with the Police, the Fire Department and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.

The Unit has constant connection with the Operational Centre of the Organization "The Smile of the Child”, namely:

  • The European Hotline for Missing Children 116000 Amber Alert
  • The National Hotline for Children SOS 1056
  • The European Child Support Hotline 116111

The Unit provides Immediate Intervention both in cases of disappearances of minors and in cases of large-scale disasters (earthquakes, fires etc.).

The technical characteristics of the Unit are the following:

  • Internet Connection
  • WiFi hot spot
  • Connection to the rest of the fleet of vehicles of the Organization "The Smile of the Child", wired or wireless
  • Perimeter Security Lighting
  • Printing Laminating Equipment
  • First aid kit and field gurney
  • Electronic computers, electronic and paper maps, bulletin board (white board / cork board)
  • 220 volt 12,volt
  • Internal Working lighting

In addition to the Mobile Operational Unit for the search of missing children, "The Smile of the Child” owns in the same framework specialized logistical means to find children who have gone missing (jeeps, ATV, motorbike).