Urgent need for a new Bus


RAISED OF €87,000

Expires 31 Dec 2021

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Our Home in Corfu is not just another house. It is a beautiful farm that apart from offering a warm embrace to the children we raise there, it also provides them with the opportunity to enjoy their daily contact with nature. Being situated app. 40 kilometers from Corfu Town, in the area of “Chamili Magoulades”, it makes it imperative for us to use our bus for each and every transfer of our children. Nothing is in walking distance; the nearest school is 13 km away, while daily transport to even more distant schools is necessary, but also for extracurricular activities and other needs of our children. The bus we already use can no longer serve our needs due to its mileage and age that cause frequent breakdowns.

We urgently need to raise the amount of € 87.000 to acquire a new bus! Would you be willing to help us continue offering safe transfers to our children?


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Special Educational Needs

€21.000 to cover the special educational needs for 7 out of the 300 children

€11,444 pledged so far
GOAL €21,000

In loving memory of Irene-Alexandra Konstantinidis.

The collected amount will be allocated to cover the special transfers with the ambulances

€5,195 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €3,000

Lunch at school

20€ for the lunch at school

101 school lunches (€2,020)
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