The Smiling Houses (Programme “Housing and Reintegration” of the Ministry of Labour, Social Security and Social Solidarity) (2015-2019)

“The Smile of the Child” in collaboration with the NGO “Equal Society” implemented during 2015-2019 in Attica the Action Plan entitled "Smiling Houses"; The aim of the project was to support 26 people, and specifically young adults that were accommodated at the Homes of The Smile of the Child and people and their families that are homeless or in danger to become homeless. More specifically it offered:

  • relocation to independent living conditions by provision of house and social care and support
  • (re)integration to society by provision of labour reintegration services.

The project covered the basic needs of 26 individuals, namely clothing/ footwear, monthly subsistence allowance for food and room rental, while 18 individuals were employed at primary sector enterprises (payment of the basic salary, taxes and social security by the project).


Among the services that were provided to the beneficiaries are included the following:

  • needs assessment of beneficiaries and provision of support during the phase of seeking for residential placement and finding the appropriate housing solution
  • psychosocial support
  • occupational support for integration in job marker and provision of assistance during the search process
  • training and educational activities (e.g. personal hygiene)
  • networking
  • social reintegration via their participation in events (e.g. athletic, entertainment)

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The Action Plan “Smiling Houses” was implemented in the framework of the Programme “Housing and Reintegration” of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance and Social Solidarity, with managing body the National Institute of Labour and Human Resources.