Homes for children in danger - National Program of the Asylum, migration and Integration Fund

“The Smile of the Child” implemented the project entitled “Homes for Children in Danger” that was funded by the NATIONAL PROGRAM OF THE ASYLUM, MIGRATION AND INTEGRATION FUND. The project aimed at providing an adequate framework for the protection and care of unaccompanied minors and the preparation for their autonomy and  includes financing part of the running costs of two (2) existing Homes of “The Smile of the Child” located  in Nea Iraklitsa, Kavala, for children at risk: unaccompanied refugee children and children - victims of abuse and neglect, irrespective of nationality, living in Greece, which have been removed or separated from their family environment by decision of the prosecuting and judicial authorities.

The operation of the Homes is based on the long - term experience of "The Smile of the Child" through the development of a mixed model of Homes for Children in danger that operates at a national level and ensures holistically the family care and warmth for both children of Greek or other origin that have been separated from their family environment by the prosecutor due to abuse, neglect or severe social conditions and refugee unaccompanied minors who are at great risk of being persecuted, disappearance victims of trafficking or smuggling.

The duration of the project was six (6) months (from 01/07/2017 to 31/12/2017)