Strengthening existing child rights networks to act as a movement to amplify the voices of children - linking international to national and local – TURKEY (Delegation of the European Union in Turkey, Europe Aid) (2015-2017)

The action aims to contribute to the enhancement of respect for and fulfilment of children’s right with a focus on freedom from violence and freedom of assembly in Turkey through building capacities for existing child rights networks to become a distinct movement and a united voice of/for/with children.

In order to reach this goal, the action seeks to strengthen practice of children’s participation as a right and to strengthen the legal framework for children’s participation, freedom from violence and freedom of association through following specific objectives:
(1) to foster an understanding and practice of impact-driven strong joint action in preventing violence against children;
(2) to strengthen children's meaningful participation as rights holders to civil society networks so that children’s voices are amplified through these networks
(3) to enhance skills and expertise of child rights networks in stronger forms of child rights advocacy

The Organization “The Smile of the Child” participates in the project with the aim to transmit its extensive experience and expertise in this area in favour of the promotion of the development of a European Hotline for Missing Children 116000 in Turkey.


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