PREPEI- «Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing»

The Smile of the Child in collaboration with four other European countries implemented the project entitled “Protecting Enhancing Participating Educating Informing”, which had 33 months duration (from 1/12/2016 till 31/8/2019) and aimed to tackle bullying through innovative activities in education, awareness and training addressed to children, educators, teachers, parents and professionals of the private and public sector, in a consolidated effort to set up stronger antibullying activities. The project had a European dimension with partners from 5 countries.

The Partners:
Greece: The Smile of the Child(Leader), Ellinogermaniki Agogi Scholi Panagea
Spain: Associació Catalana de Formació Polivalent
Romania: Asociatia Direct
Fyrom: Association for equal opportunities SEMPER
Bulgaria: Nadja Centre Foundation


The project’s activities included:
- The production of a video, with the objective to inform and educate on bullying and antibullying activities combining modern with traditional, putting in evidence values and attitudes.
- Teachers' training of primary and secondary schools, at school, for information / education and awareness. Development of training methodology, on terms of children's rights, social values, influences.
- Production of a Manual on bullying and antibullying activities.
- Production an e-game using shadow heroes, containing different levels of difficulty as learning tool for values of self-respect, and respect for others, personal integrity, violence, children rights, family, friends and society as key influences on a young person.
- Communication platform.
- Production of a series of Webinars to train professionals from schools, social workers on a range of topics related to improving skills and knowledge on bullying and antibullying activities.
- Training for trainers based on manual and training methodology. The target group was members of all partner organizations, or specialists cooperating with them.

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The project is co-financed by
European Union- Erasmus +

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