Corfu’s Smiles – Job creation at a local level through programs of social nature services in the Region of Ionian Islands

The extended presence of the Organization “The Smile of the Child” in various places of the country not only gives the Organization the chance to open its arms to children at risk or in crisis, but also creates the possibilities to decisively contribute to the social life and the development of the local communities.

To this direction and in the framework of a relevant invitation of the Ministry of Labor to submit proposals for activities of social nature services in order towards strengthening the local employment, “The Smile of the Child” implements this programme in the Region of Ionian Islands.

The programme includes the following activities:

  • Social Care Services to children.
  • A study on the development of the Organization’s premises in Corfu.

In order to highlight the importance of the direct contact with nature to the integrated development of children and to create job perspectives, both the size and the features of the Organization’s premises in Corfu provide the prerequisites for the creation of an Ecological / Environmental Experiential Information Center. The premises already operate as an attracting pole for children in cooperation with the educational units of Corfu and other places in Greece. The aim of the specific action is to work out a final integrated study on the development and operation of a Pilot Ecological/Environmental Experiential Information Activity Center.

The proposed project is implemented in collaboration with the Region of Ionian Islands, in compliance with the relevant signed Memorandum of Cooperation.

21 persons were benefited and hired through this Programme.