Safety on the beach....

29 June 2011

 Inform your child about the safety rules of swimming:
     e.g. for preschoolers make sure they always wear their swimming arm bands or life jackets and do not remove them as long as they are close to water
     or do not stray off from the beach, regardless of how good a swimmer they think they are

 Make sure your children are always within sight and you’re always on alert with your child.

 Talk to your child and stress out that it must always tell you its whereabouts and whom it’s with.

 Make sure your child understands to stay away from strangers unless they have your approval or unless you are present.

 Make sure your child knows its name and parents’ phone number (pending on the child’s age) and that is able to produce these details if lost.

 Know that you can always turn to lifeguards or uniformed people of authority and ask for their help.

 You should train your child that if it gets lost or strays away from you, it should know where to go and ask for a “public announcement” (if you are in an organized beach) or you should have a pre-assigned meeting point in case the child gets lost.

Keep in mind that it only takes minutes for a child to stray off and get lost and disoriented.

Despite your precautions, if your child gets lost, immediately contact 1056.