World first for Greece and "The Smile of the Child", our participation in the GMCNgine platform: a new tool with unique possibilities for locating missing children worldwide

02 June 2020


Athens, 2 June 2020


 World first for Greece and "The Smile of the Child", our participation in the GMCNgine platform:
a new tool with unique possibilities for locating missing children worldwide


"The Smile of the Child" has achieved a world first for Greece, being the first to put into operation the GMCNgine, the pioneering digital platform that makes it possible to locate missing children worldwide. Thanks to their experience, technological equipment and know-how, Greece and "The Smile of the Child" were internationally the first to adopt this new innovative tool in the search and finding of children around the world.

 In this context, Amazon Web Services, a support company of GMCNgine, selected Greece and the Operational Center for Missing and Exploited Children of "The Smile of the Child" to create a video aimed at raising public awareness by informing about the operation of this platform, while promoting our country as an international model in dealing with and managing cases of missing children.

 The creation of the GMCNgine platform is an initiative of the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), a member of the Board of Directors of which is the "The Smile of the Child".

"We know from 9 countries only, that over a million children go missing a year. There’s 196 countries... Technology is vital. For me that’s a given when it comes to investigation. There’s no way a human can do such a volume of cases." stated Mrs. Caroline Humer, Vice President of Programs International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children.

 "We have to fight the deep and dark web people and the only way to fight (them) is by using technology that can get into their world." mentioned the President of the Organization "The Smile of the Child" Mr. Costas Yannopoulos, emphasizing  the crucial role played by technology and this specific platform in tackling dangerous life-threatening phenomena involving children. "There was a child 2,5 years old, that was gone missing at night. Because of the technology, he was found the same night." added Mr. Yannopoulos.

 The GMCNgine platform enables posting of all information and photos of missing children, accessed by partner organizations and law enforcement agencies, as well as searching and recognition of data in the deep & dark web, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services.

In specific, the GMCNgine platform :

  • uses artificial intelligence and face recognition technology to detect children on the internet, also exploring the deep dark web
  • compares images of missing children from all over the world
  • mobilizes at a cross-border level all competent authorities and all involved parties and child protection organizations, both for the location of the children, as well as the persecution of the perpetrators

It is worth mentioning that during the E-event that "The Smile of the Child" held on the occasion of May 25, International Missing Children's Day, the Organization presented its new  technological tools, among which the outstanding GCMNgine.

"The Smile of the Child" deals immediately and effectively with any case of disappearance, turning Greece to an international role model. This success is attributed to a combined use of many key factors, such as the intensive thoroughly organized efforts, the utilization of a wide network of services, actions and initiatives, the constantly renewed partnerships along with new collaborations, and last but not least the use of innovative tools and advanced technological means.  

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