INTEGRA - Supporting Youth Ageing Out of care

03 April 2020

Name: INTEGRA - Supporting Youth Ageing Out of care
Date of Launch: June 2018, Nicosia, Cyprus
Hashtag: #INTEGRAeu
Contact in Barcelona: Gigi Guizzo, CEPS Projectes Socials




INTEGRA project proposes a new approach to support young people ageing-out of care-systems, easing their social, cultural and economic integration into the community through the establishment of support networks and tailored mentoring programs.


Since November 2019, all the INTEGRA project partners from several Southern European countries (Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Cyprus) have been facilitating several workshops to present the tools of the Mentoring Integration Program (MIP), the main product developed during the project, to residential care professionals and other professionals who are  in touch with minors leaving the care-systems to successfully support their social and professional integration.


Likewise, another important tool developed within the project is  the P4C - Platform for Cooperation which offers to professionals and several entities working with these minors a space to share experiences and relevant information, such as apprenticeships, training days, grants, courses and so on, was also presented to several local stakeholders within the partners’ countries.


Next step in the project is to facilitate the material to further professionals and wait that both the mentoring tools and the platform can contribute positively to the development of the professionals’ capabilities and to the exchange of information among  stakeholders for the betterment of children and young adults lives.

On May 8th 2020 the project Final Conference will take place at the project’s  leader headquarters, Hope for Children  in Nicosia, Cyprus. The project partners will present the results regarding the implementation of the toolkit among professionals and the young care leavers in their own countries. Furthermore, some mentors working already with young care leavers in care centers in Cyprus will also share their experience with the assistants.


You can find all project updates on the website

All the info is shared on social media with the hashtag #INTEGRAeu