DIS STOCKHOLM visited once again "The Smile" in Aghia Paraskevi

07 November 2023

Time passed, and the time to welcome once again students and their professors from the educational institution of DIS Stockholm came.  In the context of DIS Stockholm's innovative study abroad model, we were delighted to welcome the visitors and now friends of the Organization at the Panhellenic Coordinating Operational Center for Direct Social & Medical Intervention "Andreas Yiannopoulos" of ‘‘The Smile’’ in Aghia Paraskevi.

Eighteen psychology students and their professors visited our facilities and got to know "The Smile" and its people.  During the visit, staff of "The Smile" informed the students about the services and activities of the Organization, as it is a field linked to the students' studies.

The President of the BoD of the Organization, Mr. Costas Yannopoulos welcomed the visitors online and made a short introduction about "The Smile of the Child", its vision and its holistic work.

In group sessions, the students were then informed about the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the operation of the 4 hot/helplines (1056, 116000, 116111, 1017], the 9 Homes of the Organization, “The House of the Child” Day Centre for Personalized Mental Health Services for Children and Teenagers, and the volunteering activities of adults, children, adolescents and groups.  Finally, they were also given a brief tour around the premises of the Operational Centre for Immediate Social & Medical Intervention.

Our visitors thanked us warmly for our hospitality and the work of the Organization, while they mentioned that they particularly appreciated the –online– intervention of Mr. Yannopoulos.

Thank you DIS Stockholm, for this visit, for your always hands-on trust in the work and actions of the Organization and for the kind donation you made once again, so that more children can Smile.