Summer Toys & Sunscreen at the beach

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To every child summer is synonymous to the seaside and endless carefree hours of play! Evidence suggests that play is very important for children. Along with challenging their body in new ways, active play provides opportunities for stress relief and social connections. Children make new friends while playing!

Flip flops, swimsuits, buckets, masks, flippers, armrests, cookies, lots of sunscreen and all kind of gadgets to let our children enjoy the most joyful and safe summer moments.

We need your help to get the necessary equipment for our children growing up in our 14 homes nationwide and the numerous children we help through our Support Centres, to stay safe and feel happy at the beach.



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Urgent medical needs

40.000€ for the urgent medical needs of children suffering from a serious illness

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GOAL €40,000

Summer Vacation Transfers

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Summer Ice Cream

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