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Christos, just 11 years old, visited a beautiful beach with his family last summer to enjoy a few hours of joy and play at sea. The young boy was playing with his sister on the shore when the weather and the sea got rough. In his attempt to get out of the water a bigger wave threw him down and he was left without oxygen for a long time despite the efforts of his parents and many people who were there to help him.

The lack of oxygen led to brain paralysis and Christos is stuck in a bed on mechanical support - but in his own bed, in his own child room and all this thanks to our action - Pediatric Home Care - which turned the family home into a small hospital room so that Christos can enjoy the best possible care.

A doctor from our Organization, a nurse and an occupational therapist visit the family on a weekly basis, making sure that every need of Christos is met and making every effort to improve his daily life as much as possible. Our Mobile Medical Units undertake every transport while the cost of the operations that will follow are also in the range of needs which we are trying to ensure coverage of.

Our social service is by the family's side both for their psychological uplift as well as for the coverage of basic survival needs since, after Christos' accident, his mother was forced to leave her job in order to serve the needs of her child.

Today Christos is in urgent need of specialized medical equipment and expendables which for the upcoming period will amount to 34,000 €. Will you help us meet his needs?  


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