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Our little "Marios" was only 4 years old when he was removed from his family environment on prosecutor’s order and found shelter in one of our Homes along with his 10-year-old sister. At first he didn't talk at all, and he didn't want us to touch him. With love and respect to his limits, we gradually gained his trust, he began to say words and accept our hugs. When last December we started decorating the Christmas tree, he was so happy that he twisted around himself and kept repeating the word "Tello, Tello" (“perfect” he meant). In the evening he would always ask us to tell him a fairytale by the tree, and before going to bed he would leave under the lighted branches, the only thing he had brought from his house, a little blanket which he always kept in hand. This year the kid is joyful, says complete sentences, and eagerly expects to decorate with us, and even revealed why he kept leaving his blanket under the Christmas tree every night last year: "I left my blanket so that the tree would not feel cold, as I do not feel cold anymore, being in a warm house with you.»

Would you help us continue to secure a warm nest for these children we are raising in our Homes? For these children in our 14 Homes, we need to create a warm environment with heating costs that reach the amount of €100,000 annually. With this amount, we will be able to "warm up" endless stories like that of our Marius. These are children who need us to warm their souls and the space in which we raise them, in our 11 Homes and our 3 Day Care centers.



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