Gifts for children

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It is anticipation that makes Christmas so special for children! Children love dragons and bunnies, knights and princesses, castles and dollhouses. Children dream of gift packages with long ribbons and shiny wrappers under the Christmas tree. All the excitement surrounding the opening of the gifts will be cherished as one of their best memories.

Would you be willing to take up the role of Santa Claus this year and help us fill the Christmas trees with colourful toys?


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New Opthalmology Clinic Equipment

By raising 30,000€ we will be able to acquire the Equipment for our new Ophthalmology Clinic

€8,255 pledged so far
GOAL €30,000

Special Health Care

By raising 10,000€ we will be able to offer Special Health Care offered to children in need

€4,322 Pledged Until Now
GOAL €10,000

Children in Hospitals

Every 200€ pledged will cover the special need of child in hospital

28 special needs (€5,600)
20 supporters