VICTOR - “Victims of Child Trafficking- Our Responsibility”

“The Smile of the Child” implemented a significant initiative against child trafficking in Southeastern Europe in the framework of the European project “VICTOR- Victims of Child Trafficking – Our Responsibility”.

The project, which was funded by the EU Programme “Prevention of and Fight against Crime” (ISEC) of the D.G Home Affairs of the European Commission, aimed at the enhancement of the cross-country cooperation in the region, the improvement of the capacities to fight the phenomenon as well as the awareness raising of the actors involved in the fight against child trafficking.

In particular, the implementation of the project during 21 months (2013-2015) included the following actions:

  • The creation of structures of permanent cooperation between the actors which cover more widely the range of the combat against child trafficking. With their participation, state authorities and agencies, national and international non-governmental organizations from Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Greece and Hungary significantly enrich the dynamism of the initiative.
  • The development of pilot information and intervention desks () in four countries of the region.
  • The organization of training seminars, for services employees and professionals involved in the fight against the phenomenon, focusing on the identification of victims and potential victims.
  • The realisation of an awareness campaign that will cover both countries of origin and countries of destination aiming in informing the public and the vulnerable groups/potential victims and in the reduction of demand.
  • Fostering the development of the Southeastern European Center for Missing and Exploited Children (SEEC, coordinated by “The Smile of the Child”, that is active in the region over the last 3 years.

Exploited Children (SEEC, coordinated by “The Smile of the Child”, that is active in the region over the last 3 years. The implementation of the abovementioned actions has a particularly dynamic role given the broad participation of state and international actors as well as non-governmental organizations that cover almost the entire region of Southeastern Europe and have shown significant activity in the field of child trafficking.

Partnership Scheme

  • Coordinator: The Smile of the Child
  • International Organizations: SELEC (Southeast European Law Enforcement Centre)
  • State Authorities: Ministry of Public Order & Citizen Protection, Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights, Greece; National Commission for Combating THB, Bulgaria; National Agency against Trafficking In Persons, Romania
  • International NGOs: Terre des Hommes, Regional Office, Budapest, Hungary
  • National NGOs: Save the Children-Romania, Nadja Center Foundation-Bulgaria, Society KLJUC-Slovenia, as full partners ASTRA-Serbia, La Strada-Moldova, Child Well Being Fund-Ukraine, as associate partners

With financial support by the European Union

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